Here at Natacha Van Collection,

our forever favorite bespoke service is bridal wear. Our darling designer, Natacha Van has a penchant for lace, chiffon, silk, precise cuts, and fine-detailing as she believes that these are key features to the bride and groom’s attire of the day. Therefore, all of our fabrics and materials are carefully sourced and then crafted in-house, from Cambodia by the one and only Natacha Van. 

Breeze in for a consultation and Natacha Van will thoughtfully and exquisitely design wedding attires for the bride and groom. She will keep their best interests in mind, whether it’s styles ranging from classical to contemporary, traditional to modern, or an elegant fusion of styles, Natacha Van promises that the bride and groom will look their absolute best on their wedding day, designing a theme to suit the lifetime-to-be couples’ preference.